Areas and resources for Research

Thanks to the University’s superlative library resources and museum collections, the Classics Department is able to offer faculty and graduate students an excellent environment for research. The main areas of research of the current faculty are listed below.

The extensive materials in the Sterling Memorial Library are supplemented by a Classics Library of over 25,000 volumes, housed in Phelps Hall, which is accessible to faculty and graduate students at all times, and staffed by a professional librarian and student assistants. For more on the Classics Library, go here.

The University’s online catalogue provides access to all relevant e-journals and electronic databases, and both the Sterling Memorial Library and the Classics Library take a proactive approach to acquisitions. A collection of more than 40,000 Sterling photoresearch and teaching slides, many of which have been digitized in an ongoing project, is maintained in the Departments of Classics and History of Art. Faculty and graduate students may use the archaeological and numismatic collections of the Yale Art Gallery and the collections of papyri and mediaeval manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, together with extensive databases of texts, images, and scholarly aids.

The Yale University Art Gallery houses the largest university collection of coins and medals in the United States, including some 35,000 coins of the ancient world, which are available online in the Gallery’s database. The Bela Lyon Pratt Coin Room and Study Center, recently opened in the new University Art Gallery, houses the entire collection and a supporting library of some 2,000 volumes. Visitors are welcome by appointment Tuesday–Friday, 10–4:30, at 136 Old Yale Art Gallery. Contact Jane Miller, Senior Museum Assistant, at (203) 432-1801, or William E. Metcalf, Curator, at (203) 436-4917.

Main Areas of Research

Ancient Philosophy and Science
Josh Billings, Verity Harte

Art and Archaeology
Milette Gaifman, Andrew Johnston, Diana Kleiner, Susan Matheson, Jerry Pollitt

Ancient and Modern literary criticism/theory
Egbert Bakker, Josh Billings, Kirk Freudenburg, Hindy Najman, Irene Peirano

Ancient Biography
Andrew Johnston, Chris Kraus, Pauline LeVen, John Matthews, Irene Peirano

Greek Literature
Harold Attridge, Egbert Bakker, Victor Bers, Josh Billings, Emily Greenwood, Pauline LeVen, Hindy Najman, Jerry Pollitt

Latin Literature
Kirk Freudenburg, Chris Kraus, Irene Peirano, Joseph Solodow

Greek and Roman History
Andrew Johnston, Don Kagan, Ramsay MacMullen, Joe Manning, John Matthews, Bill Metcalf

Economic and Social History
Andrew Johnston, Ramsay MacMullen, Joe Manning, John Matthews

Cultural History
Harold Attridge, Victor Bers, Josh Billings, Kirk Freudenburg, Milette Gaifman, Emily Greenwood, Andrew Johnston, Diana Kleiner, Chris Kraus, Pauline LeVen, Joe Manning, John Matthews, Hindy Najman, Irene Peirano

Greek and Roman Historiography
Egbert Bakker, Andrew Johnston, Don Kagan, Chris Kraus, Emily Greenwood, John Matthews, Joseph Solodow

Comparative Linguistics
Egbert Bakker

Ancient Psychology and the History of the Self
Verity Harte

Classical Reception, Ancient and Modern
Josh Billings, Milette Gaifman, Emily Greenwood, Chris Kraus, Pauline LeVen, Irene Peirano

Bill Metcalf

Ann Ellis Hanson, Joe Manning

Ancient Religions
Harold Attridge, Milette Gaifman, John Matthews, Hindy Najman

Dura photo


Hiram Powers (American, 1805–1873). The Greek Slave, 1851, after an original of 1844. Marble, 65 1/4 x 21 x 18 1/4 in. (165.7 x 53.3 x 46.4 cm). Olive Louise Dann Fund. Yale Art Gallery 1962.43