Geoffrey Moseley

Geoff Moseley is a fifth-year student in both Classics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. He earned a B.A. in Classics (Latin & Greek) with distinction from Yale, and returned to Yale to study Arabic and Greek literature and philosophy.

His main interests are the history of ideas and their textual and cultural transmission, with a focus on the Graeco–Arabic translation movement of the 8th–10th centuries (especially Plato and Aristotle), and the uses of good old-fashioned philology as well as modern theories of cultural appropriation and reception in exploring what is still largely uncharted territory. Other interests include comparative Semitics, late antiquity, the reception of classical text (in the Western and Islamic worlds) and the teaching of classical languages and Arabic.

Geoff will be spending the 2014–2015 academic year working on his dissertation and teaching (in the fall, intermediate Classical Arabic, and in the spring, an interdisciplinary seminar on Classical receptions). He will also remain coordinator of the WHC Working Group in Arabic Philosophy, and looks forward to a fruitful year of collaboration between the ancient philosophy and Arabic philosophy communities at Yale. 

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