Bryant Kirkland

is writing a dissertation on the reception of Herodotus among Imperial Greek authors, including Dionysius, Plutarch, Lucian, and Pausanias. The project explores how these writers negotiated certain paradoxes of imitation and reception, how their engagements with Herodotus shed new light on both the Histories and their own works, and how their reception complicates and expands the understanding of Herodotus as inherited from Jacoby and others.

This fall as part of the Yale-UCL Exchange Bryant is in London, where he continues his dissertation work and will also review a book for BMCR. This spring he will present a paper in Denmark on the Herodoteanism of Antonius Diogenes’ Wonders beyond Thule. Last year he was TA to Ancient Athenian Civilization; he also designed and taught an advanced Latin tutorial for undergraduates, “Madness and Delusion in Roman Literature.”

The past recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship to Germany, Bryant studied at Davidson College and UCL before coming to Yale, where he has earned an MA and an MPhil.

Kirkland photo