Thomas Biggs

Thomas Biggs received his B.A. in English and Classics from Rutgers University and M.A. and M.Phil. degrees from Yale University.

He is currently completing a dissertation on the reception of the First Punic War in Roman culture with focus on its relation to nostos myth and its major revival during the Augustan period. His research interests include Roman poetry, especially Republican epic, Vergil, Lucan, and historical epic as a genre. Further areas of interest include Republican culture, literary theory, Roman historiography, monuments and memory, and Republican elite commemorative art. Thomas has recently submitted an article for publication on Vergil`s Achaemenides and Republican Latin epic, spent a month on a research scholarship at the Fondation Hardt, written a review for BMCR, and given papers in Europe, The UK, and America. In 2013-14, Thomas looks forward to teaching Intermediate Latin and Introductory Greek, finishing his dissertation, delivering papers at the University of Virginia and the APAAnnual Meeting in Chicago, working as a Graduate Curatorial Intern at the Yale University Art Gallery, and co-organizing an international conference at Yale on epic journeys.

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