Egbert J. BakkerDGS
Greek language and literature; Greek linguistics
Victor BersGreek literature (especially tragedy and oratory) and stylistics
(LOA Spring ’15)
Joshua BillingsSarai Ribicoff Assistant Professor of Classics and Humanities. Greek literature, German literature Martin DeveckaPostdoctoral Fellow Kirk Freudenburg Chair, Latin language and literature
Milette GaifmanGreek art and archaeology
Irene Peirano GarrisonLatin language and literature
Emily GreenwoodDUS
Greek language and literature
(LOA Fall ’14)
Ann Ellis HansonPapyrology, Greek medicine Verity Harte Ancient Philosophy Andrew JohnstonRoman history
(LOA 2014–15)
Donald KaganSterling Professor Emeritus of Classics and History: Greek history Diana E. E. Kleiner Dunham Professor of History of Art and Classics: Roman art and architecture
Christina S. KrausThomas A. Thacher Professor of Latin. Acting Chair, NELC. Latin language and literature Noel LenskiClassics and History
Pauline LeVen Greek language and literature
(LOA 2014–15)
Ramsay MacMullenDunham Professor Emeritus of History, Roman social history and church history J.G. ManningThe William K. and Marilyn M. Simpson Professor of Classics and History. Ancient History
John F. Matthews John M. Schiff Professor Emeritus of History and Classics, Roman history
William E. MetcalfBen Lee Damsky Curator of Coins and Medals, Yale Art Gallery: Numismatics, Roman history Jerome PollittSterling Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology and History of Art Timothy RobinsonLanguage instruction, Latin and Greek literature Joseph B. SolodowLatin literature and philology Barbara A. ShailorLatin palaeography, History of the book
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