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This is the last edition of The Circuit for Spring 2001.

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New & Upgraded Services

    New ITS Systems Status Page - computer problems might not be yours
    Instructional Technology Group pilots FAS Teaching & Learning Committee programs

General Announcements

    Instructional Technology Group annouces Lumpkin Instructional Innovation Grant winners for Spring 2001
    Emmy nomination for CMI's Steve Evans

Summer Services & Reminders

    ITS Education Dept. summer courses
    Email vacation program - RECAP from The Circuit, Vol.1, No. 3
    Web Email - reminder for remote access to email

Inside ITS

    AM&T Instructional Technology Group - facts and functions

New & Upgraded Services

New ITS Systems Status Page

The ITS Systems Status Page is the most accurate source of information for scheduled and unscheduled disruptions in Yale's technology systems and services -- email, telephone service, security breaches, web services, Oracle applications, and more.

Designed and supported by ITS Communications, the Status Page is the first place any known issues are posted. Updates are frequent when outstanding problems occur and, when resolved, the outage problem is fully explained.

The newly designed Status Page contains two sources of information: text based explanatory messages and graphical representation of all systems by area.

  • The TOPICS column will allow access to all unresolved (open) systems problems by subject. A click on any topic will provide summary information about all posted text messages in that area.

  • System status boards, for both Maintenance Windows and Server Status, are graphical representations indicating which ITS systems are working and which are not (red, yellow, green).

All users of ITS services are encouraged to go to this STATUS PAGE first when experiencing any problems. If your difficulty is not posted, follow the link to your support provider or the appropriate Help Desk.


ITG Pilots FAS Teaching & Learning Committee Programs

At the request of the FAS Teaching & Learning Committee, the AM&T Instructional Technology Group (ITG) and the ITS Enterprise Web Development group have designed and produced a series of pilot projects for faculty members and students.

  1. Course Face Book - an official instructor-only application that will provide the picture, name, major and year of all students officially registered in a course.

    The pilot was conducted in Spring 2001 for two courses and if feedback proves it to be useful for faculty members to know and recognize their students more easily, the appropriate process through the appropriate policy making bodies will be followed.

  2. College Face Book - an online database of pictures of all undergraduates in each college. Access to a particular college is limited to those in the same college.

    The original pilot included 9 colleges, and the feedback from students has been so positive that it will be available to all colleges in the fall.

  3. Online Course Evaluation - for 240 courses from which have met stated technology criteria.

    The pilot was conducted for the Spring 2001 semester with feedback expected from both instructors and students. If the project indicates that it increases ease of use and response numbers, the project will be expanded in the future.

  4. Web Course Registration - an online course registration pilot being carried out conjunction with the Registrar's Office at two colleges and is scheduled for the Fall 2001 term.

    The motivation for the pilot is many-fold: For students, the aim is to minimize transcription errors and thus the number of incorrect courses assigned to a student and, for faculty members, to shorten the time between the end of the shopping period and the distribution of class grade lists to instructors.

General Announcements

ITS Instructional Technology Group (ITG) announces the ITS Lumpkin Innovation Fund grant winners for Spring 2001

ITS Lumpkin Innovation Fund is part of the larger university Instructional Innovation Grants Program which includes:

  • Paul Moore Fund
  • Center for Language Study
  • Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning
  • ITS Innovation Fund

The Instructional Innovation Grants (IIG) program offers a common application procedure and coordinates application distribution to the appropriate groups for review. These competitive awards, available to faculty across the University, encourage instructors to design and develop new course materials, experiment with new teaching models, and promote active student learning. A critical element of the grants is evaluation of the effectiveness of the new methods in enhancing the quality of instruction at Yale.

ITS's Instructional Technology Group (ITG) provides grant winners with consulting and support services. While ITG communicates and coordinates the resources and grant programs available to Yale faculty in support of teaching innovation, individual grant programs are reviewed and administered independently.

The Spring 2001 ITS Lumpkin Innovation Fund grant winners are:

Charles Bailyn (Astronomy). A Remote Class for Astronomy 205a

Jennifer Baszile and Jonathan Holloway (African American Studies and History). African American Studies Instruction Technology Project & the African American Studies Digital Library

Mitchell Prinstein (Psychology). Interactive Teaching and Interactive Science: Using the Internet to Teach Psychological Science

Michael Raine, Dudley Andrew, Charles Musser (Film Studies Program). Digital Media in Film Studies Pedagogy

Thomas Tartaron (Anthropology). Geographic Information Systems for Investigating Ancient Human Landscapes

Kirk Williams (Theater Studies and German). The Virtual Stage:A Computer Game Simulating Theater Production

For a complete listing of all university-wide IIG grant winners, see the upcoming May 18 edition of the Yale Bulletin & Calendar..


Regional Emmy nomination for CMI's Steve Evans

Steve Evans, Media Specialist in the ITS Center for Media Initiatives (CMI) recently received a regional Emmy nomination for music composition for CPTV's 'Connecticut Experience Series' presentation, "Connecticut and the Sea" produced in May 2000.

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Summer Services & Reminders

ITS Summer 2001 Education Courses - SAVE 10% by registering online!!

The ITS Education Department located at 221 Whitney Avenue offers courses to the general Yale community and to interested individuals from outside the University. This summer's program includes courses in Windows operating systems, word processing programs, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and presentation software, database integration, Web design and more.

Enrollment, registration status, and evaluation forms are all online. Courses are offered at several times over the summer and there is a 10% savings for online registration. Summer is a perfect time to upgrade your skills so register now.



Reminders for useful services

Email vacation program - an automatic message program when you won't be around (RECAP from The Circuit, Vol.1, No. 3)

Web Email - remote access to your email from anywhere in the world with web accessibility.

Inside ITS

Instructional Technology Group (ITG) - facts and functions

The Instructional Technology Group (ITG) is a division of ITS's Academic Media & Technology. For instructors and students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, ITG provides a full range of development and support services in the use of technology in teaching and learning.

Technology in Teaching

ITG provides easy access to course web and related services, individual consulting and group workshops for instructors, and software development services to Yale faculty engaged in technology-enhanced teaching

Student Computing Services

With a staff of over 50 undergraduate and graduate Computing Assistants, ITG supports Arts and Sciences undergraduate and graduate student computing. The Student Computing group provides and manages:

  • Computer purchase information and suggestions
  • Student residence hall network
  • Student network software suite
  • Computing Assistants in residences and computing clusters
  • Student and laboratory clusters
  • Computer classrooms
  • Email kiosks in Libraries and classroom buildings
  • Laptop network access ports, and more...

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