April 2001
Volume 1, Number 3













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New & Upgraded Services

  • Storing& publishing research data online
  • Email vacation program

New Products and Recommendations

  • SPSS Release 10 available for Macs
  • Mac OS X Operating System

Inside ITS

  • Media Services Department - facts and functions

New & Upgraded Services

Storing & publishing research data online @ research.yale.edu

Funded research projects, with ambitious electronic publishing needs, often require a combination of mass volume storage space, web site design, and/or programming. To address these needs, Academic Media & Technology has recently launched a group of fee-based services known collectively as research.yale.edu. This suite of services provides a range of scalable options, from simple storage to custom site architecture, web site design, and programming. Costs range from $120 per year for 1 GB of storage to $75 per hour for custom programming.

The research.yale.edu collaboration was constructed to reduce ongoing hosting and support costs as wll as providing a range of services that previously required researchers to build, maintain, and develop their own servers and programs.

If you would like more information on storing and publishing research on the web, including referrals for other services available on campus, contact research@yale.edu.


Email vacation program <https://config.mail.yale.edu>

ITS currently supports an easily accessible Email Management Tool that allows you to create an automatic reply to incoming email for those times when you will not be accessing your email on a regular basis - vacation, conferences, etc. The automated response is customizable.

To use this feature you must know your NetID and password so the system can authenticate your use. Proceed to the web site, following instructions to the Management Tool Table. At the row entitled Email Auto-Reply (Vacation), click on the word 'Configure' and follow the instructions to customize your message. Then click on the 'Activate Vacation' button.

Note that the vacation program only sends one reply per person per week. (If you are testing your vacation setup, you will therefore only receive a reply to your first test email.)

To cancel your vacation message, follow the same steps as above. You do not have to erase your message, but you MUST make it inactive to prevent it from continuing to be sent.

Please note that you must logout of the system when you are finished.

New Products and Recommendations

SPSS Release 10.0 available for the Mac

SPSS is a powerful statistical package available on different computer platforms. SPSS now offers SPSS for Macintosh release 10.0, providing the same release level for both Mac AND Windows, thus enabling a cross-platform statistical software solution.

The Social Science Statistical Laboratory (Statlab) supports SPSS on the computers in the Statlab and the Statlab Annex. All of the Windows workstations in the Yale AM&T Clusters also have SPSS software.

To participate in the Yale University SPSS site license please obtain an enrollment form from Wendy Thomas (432-6667) at the ITS Technology & Business Center, Monday to Friday during the hours of 1 PM - 5 PM.


Mac OS X Operating System: if not now, when?

On March 24, Apple released their next-generation operating system, Mac OS X (pronounced oh-ess-ten), a $130 package that you can install on any recent Mac that has 128 MB of memory. (In July, Mac OS X will come installed on all new Macs.) It is the first major overhaul of the Mac operating system since it was released in 1984. And it is a very different beastl.

OS X is built on an Open Source version of UNIX and its memory management and system stability are much superior to previous versions of the Mac OS, virtually eliminating system crashes. With automatic memory management and a multihoming feature that automatically changes your settings as you move from university internet access to dial-up modem to cable modem, OS X is an exciting development with great potential.

However, all of the applications that you've been using since 1984 will need to be updated to take advantage of this new stability and performance (Microsoft, Adobe, Quark, Macromedia, Palm, Intuit and others say they'll adapt their products by the fall).

Unless you're a true Mac afficionado, there's no good reason to switch to Mac OS X right now. Wait until the programs you use often have been adapted for Mac OS X, or at least until July, when Apple will release a new version that is likely to be faster, smoother and even more polished.

Mac OS X can be tested at the ITS Technology & Business Center, 221 Whitney Avenue, Monday to Friday during the hours of 1 PM - 5 PM.


Inside ITS

Media Services Department - facts and functions

The AM&T Media Services department provides on-campus audio, video and photographic services for classroom use, production of teaching and research materials, special events support, independent productions and publications.

In addition to the classic audio-visual services already supported for teaching and research, Media Services is striving to supply a wide range of digital and higher-end services. The goal is to provide all the essential media facilities for routine classroom needs, as well as to develop and produce a wide array of media intensive materials for research and on-line teaching purposes.

For the complete range of services and prices, see the Media Services web page or call 432-2650. Highlights of some of the newer digital technologies being offered (or planned for the near future) at Media Services are listed below.

Classroom Services

  • Loan and rental of laptop computers with support staff to assist in classroom set-up and use.

Photographic Services

  • creation of Kodak Portfolio II Photo CDs
  • high resolution scanning
  • film recording of digitally created images
  • digital image printing in standard photo sizes

Video Services

  • non-linear editing of video and digital tapes
  • distribution of live and taped programs via cable TV, satellite uplinks and direct, broadcast quality feeds to major radio and television networks.
  • DVD creation
  • web streaming
  • broadcast quality production and post-production

Self-service technology - in development

Media Services is developing a self-service area for those interested in executing their own digital media projects and in learning more about new media technologies as they happen. The aim is to reduce costs for customers and to improve turn-around time for projects. Staff will be available for instruction and support.

Services will include creation, conversion and duplication of audio, video and static image formats for producing CD audio, DVD video and web streaming.



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