March 2001
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!! Information Security Office VIRUS Warning !!

NakedWife (W32.Naked@mm aka W32.HLLW.JibJab)

3/7/2001...The NakedWife Worm has affected several companies, agencies and military computers on the Internet. Its code impacts Windows '95 and later machines and is highly destructive, rendering the infected PC unusable.

The worm propagates itself using the address books of Microsoft Outlook clients. Users of Outlook 2000 can prevent the worm from spreading by following the directions posted at:

The Circuit adds new features and new menu items

New & Upgraded Services

  • Anti-virus software free to the Yale community
  • The digital sandbox
  • Designing accessible Web pages for the disabled

General Announcements

  • New Titanium PowerBook available for inspection

Inside ITS

  • Who is ITS and what does it do?

New & Upgraded Services

Anti-virus software free to the Yale community

Yale University has obtained a site license for Norton Antivirus (NAV) software that covers the entire Yale University community. All current Yale students, faculty, and staff are eligible to download and use this software. When you leave the University, you are required to delete Norton AntiVirus from your computer.

YAD (Yale Application Desktop) and Yale Medical School users should contact their local computer support personnel regarding the upkeep and upgrading of the Norton Anti-Virus software on their computers.

A download using a modem dialup connection is likely to take three hours or more so a Yale internet connection is recommended.


The digital sandbox:

In March, the ITS WebTeam and Academic Media & Technology will launch a new server called <>. This machine has been commissioned to provide members of the Yale community with a place to learn and develop web-based applications. Previously, there were scripting abilities on other servers, but the tool sets available were limited due to security concerns.

The enhanced tool set found on <> includes PHP, MySQL, Java, GCC, and Tcl. To begin using these tools, users must complete the online application - there are no fees associated with this server.

Users should note that this is an unsupported service, meaning, it is intended as a sandbox, where users must write and debug their own scripts. This server is not intended to be used for "production-level" applications.


Designing accessible Web pages for the disabled

When developing pages for the web, most people people assume that their site will be viewed remotely using a standard browser. People with hearing and visual disabilities require additional hardware and software to assist reading computer screens.

Yale University is legally required, under both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to provide people disabilities equal access to physical and electronic resources that is provided to persons without disabilities. The ADA applies to web pages and access ramps equally. Levels of web access for disabled persons can be severely impacted by nonstandard HTML code.

The ITS WebTeam has compiled a checklist and recommendations for optimizing web pages for accessibility. In addition, there are several online tools that can examine your code to determine any problems with HTML style that might render your page inaccessible.


General Announcements

New Titanium PowerBook available for inspection at the ITS Technical & Business Center

Apple Computer has introduced the titanium PowerBook G4.

Just 1 inch thick and weighing a mere 5.3 pounds, the PowerBook G4 is the world's first notebook computer made of 99.5% pure grade CP1 (meaning commercially pure) titanium. The new laptop is AirPort ready with built-in DVD, a 5-hour battery, and a15.2"screen.

For inspection and more information visit::

ITS Technical & Business Center
221 Whitney Ave.
1st Floor
Monday to Friday
1:00 - 5:00pm


Inside ITS

Who is ITS and what does it do?

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides institutional academic and administrative IT services and a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure services including telecommunications, networking and internet access, training, data center management, printing, audio-visual, and multi-media support.

But did you know that ITS also provides Cable TV access, a broadcast video studio and uplink, teleconferencing, digitizing, photography, book publishing, production and distribution of course packets, copyright searches, multimedia course development, IT infrastructure consultation for classrooms and new & renovated buildings, specialized project management and programming, server maintenance and support, and web design services, among others?

In the coming issues, The Circuit will highlight one ITS department each month to give the Yale community a better understanding of what services are available from ITS.


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