Papers/ Panels:

Multidisciplinary Methods to Moral Inquiry

-Aasim Padela-  Medical Vaccinations, Religious Verdicts, & A Variety of Choices- The Need for Continuing Dialogue within Islamic Bioethics

-Afshan Mohiuddin-  An Islamic Perspective on Quality of Life: Implications for End-of-Life Care for the Muslim Physician

- Mohamed Yunus-  Muslim Approaches to Harm Reduction and Bioethics in the area of HIV/AIDS

- Muhammad Widigdo-  Shari’ah Ethics or Virtue Ethics? An Abstract

Conceptual Mapping: Life, Genealogy and Obligations

-Feroze Khan- Surrogacy and Islam: Giving Birth to a New Family Dynamic 

-Ayman Shabana- Islamic Law of Paternity Between Classical Legal Texts and Modern Contexts: From Qiyafah to DNA Fingerprinting

- Katherine Klima-  Prenatal Genetic Screening and the Muslim Patient: From the Jurisconsults Bench to the Clinical Bedside

The Self: Integrity and Culpability

-Hooman Keshavarzi-  The Practice of Forensic Psychiatry in the MuslimWorld: A Comparative Analysis

-Shamael Haque-  Understanding Competency for Religious Worship

- Alex Dubov-  A Moral Justification of Organ Donation and Transplantation Within the Context of Islamic Tradition