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The Seventh Annual CIR Conference at Yale
Saturday, April 12, 2008
Islamic Thought and Modern Science:
Re-conceptualizing the Debate

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Yale University’s Critical Islamic Reflections group consists of a cross-section of graduate and undergraduate students organized to pursue critical academic scholarship on topics regarding Islam and Muslim society...[more about CIR]

The theme of this year's conference is Islam and modern science. While the “clash of civilizations” has become a fashionable topic in recent times, there remains an older clash that is slowly gaining traction once again: that between science and religion.  While real conflict between the two is debatable, the subject has been hotly contested within the popular and academic discourse of most religious traditions. 

Thanks to the lived realities of Islamic history, which attest to the coexistence of scientific and religious thought, there is a perception that Islam and science are completely compatible.  However, this perception does not take into consideration the rapid advancement of science today.  Can Islamic religious thought coexist with modern reconfigurations of science and technology?

This year’s CIR hopes to reinvigorate this discussion and bring Islam to the forefront of a growing area within American academic and political discourse where Islamic thought is largely absent.

For questions or concerns about the conference, please contact us through email at yaleCIR@gmail.com


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