Yale University’s Critical Islamic Reflections group consists of a cross-section of graduate and undergraduate students organized to pursue critical academic scholarship on topics regarding Islam and Muslim society... [more about CIR]

This year the conference theme focused on Authority and Change in Islamic Law. The format consisted of three panels, on which a senior scholar in the field of Islamic law commented on two papers presented by junior scholars… [download papers]

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*      Critical Islamic Reflections at Yale University: Submission of a 2005 Conference Proposal

Anyone interested in convening and chairing the Conference should submit a proposal for consideration by September 18th, 2004. We also welcome your topic and speaker ideas even if you do not intend to apply for a co-chair position (in that case complete only items 1-4). Please follow the guidelines below:


1) A short title for the subject of the conference


2) A short outline of the conference subject in about 500 words, with special emphasis on the methodologies envisioned in your approach to the subject matter. CIR has traditionally drawn participants from a range of disciplines and posed questions relevant to Islam and Muslims from multiple perspectives, including but not limited to law, theology, history, and sociology. For easy reference, past conference programs and our mission statement are available online at


3) A short statement explaining why the proposed topic is of current interest, the intended audience, and what progress can be achieved by a conference.


4) An initial list of suggested key speakers, their field of study and qualifications to address the topic.


Additional items for co-chair applicants:


5) Identification of co-sponsors, if any, and their role in the conference (Yale departments and organizations only). Include the anticipated amounts with all funding sources.


6) Delineation of a conference format e.g. number and make-up of panels, form of interaction between presenters, etc


7) Names of the co-chairs and biographic data that qualify them for leading the proposed conference (e.g. a list of past projects). An outline of your team, especially in the key areas of Program, Fundraising, Publicity and Logistics committees.



Completed proposals (3 pages or less) should be sent to and will be reviewed as received, before the final deadline of September 18th, 2004. Requests for further information and advice in connection with the preparation of proposals can be directed to or, the CIR 2004 Co-Chairs.


In acceptance of a proposal, CIR may offer advice, which in some cases may be a condition of acceptance. CIR will address an advisory letter to the conveners calling attention to any matters that seem likely to pose a problem that must be resolved if the conference is to be successful.


Thank you for your interest, and best of luck with the application!

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