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With the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In conjunction with CT-NY-MA MSAs and Masjids, the Muslim Students of Southern CT State University, Yale University and Masjid al-Islam of New Haven, CT invite you to participate in

a roundtable forum

Saturday April. 20th -- 9am-7:30pm

An academic working meeting geared
toward examining the possibilities of accurately understanding and
advancing Islam in America in light of the realities prevailing in the
aftermath of September

Speakers include:
Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah · Dr. James Jones · Dr. Ingrid Mattson · Imam Zaid Shakir

at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU)

Followed by an evening presentation at 9pm, a pictoral display & presentation by renowned London photographer & dynamic New York lecturer.
Presenters include:
Abdul-Adheem Sanders & Sheikh Jihad Brown
at Yale University Law School Auditorium

For questions:
Contact or
call 203.436.3324


PART ONE of the program will consist of several presentations and
discussions of pertinent issues.

These discussions will center on brief
papers presented by designated participants. Each paper will be analyzed
and critiqued by all of the participants. There will also be an extensive
question, answer, and discussion session between the participants and the
audience. Draft abstracts of all papers will be published in a booklet to
be made available before the program. All of the presenters will then be
asked to prepare a final draft of their papers in light of the discussion
they have generated. Those papers will subsequently be made available
through various media.

“The Need for a Unique American Muslim Identity” Dr. Jimmy Jones,
Manhattanville College
“Reconceptualizing Knowledge and Knowledge Acquisition According to an
Islamic Framework: Implications for the Assessment and Correction of Our
Situation" Dr. Umar Farouq Abdullah, Nawawi Foundation
"Muslim in America: Between Civil and Sacred Religion” Dr. Ingrid
Mattson, Hartford Seminary
“Muslims Meaningfully Discussing Human Rights and Social Justice After
9/11” Imam Zaid Shakir, Masjid al-Islam, SCSU

Moderators and student discussants will include graduate students
who are rising intellectual-activists in the effort toward "Rooting
Islam in America:" Rumee Ahmed, Tannaz Haddadi, Precious Muhammad,
Homayra Ziad, Adnan Zulfiqar, and others!

PART TWO will feature a public Lecture by Sheikh Jihad Brown,
accompanied by a an breath-taking visual presentation by Abdul-Adheem
Register today! We look forward to seeing you there, insha'Allah!


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