Christian Science Organization at Yale

The CSO is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are studying and applying the teachings of Christian Science in their daily lives.  Through regular meetings, and by sponsoring a yearly lecture or workshop, this organization provides a forum where members can share ideas, ask questions about religion and spirituality, and strengthen their relationship with God. 

Welcome to our website! Below are some commonly asked questions and answers about the CSO, with links to further information.

What is Christian Science?
Christian Science is based on the teachings and practice of Christ Jesus, who knew God as all-powerful Love. Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, saw Jesus' healings as systematic ("scientific") expressions of God's laws of good. Based on this idea, she wrote the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which was published in 1875. Mrs. Eddy later founded the church of Christ, Scientist, "to reinstate primitive Christianity, with its lost element of healing." Today, there are branches of this church worldwide, and Organizations of students like ours in many colleges and universities. Click here for links and resources on Christian Science, including churches and CSOs.

Who participates in the CSO?
The CSO is mostly attended by graduate and undergraduate students, but alumni, faculty, prospective students, and New Haven residents are also invited to become involved. We're a small, friendly group, and love visitors! Click here for current contact information.

What do you do in your meetings?
Our meetings are flexible, student-led, and informal. Often, someone brings readings from the Bible and/or the writings of Mary Baker Eddy to discuss. We sometimes designate a spiritual theme, or human question, for prayer and discussion. In the fall of 2004, for example, we held an informal meeting on prayer for the Presidential election; at exam time, we talk about our spiritual preparation for our academic work. Anyone interested is welcome to join us. Click here for current announcements about our meetings and events.

Last updated: August 2005
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