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Justice and Cambodia: A Collective Inquiry

In June 1999, the Cambodian Genocide Program at Yale began to investigate the viewpoints of Cambodian survivors regarding justice in Cambodia. Its efforts are funded in part by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities.

The project, entitled "Justice in Cambodia: A Collective Inquiry," has involved three areas of activity. First, project personnel conducted interviews with survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime. Second, a public forum was held in Lowell, Massachusetts. A final outcome of the project will be a paper that presents the viewpoints on justice expressed in the interviews and at the forum.

The Open Forum
Participants at the open forum in Lowell were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding a possible tribunal of the former Khmer Rouge leadership. It should be noted that the responses do not constitute a representative sample and are therefore lacking empirical value. They are presented here simply to disseminate the views of individuals who participated in the forum. Lack of empirical value notwithstanding, we believe that the viewpoints of individual survivors and bystanders are important and should be heard.

Question 1: What should be done about the crimes committed in Cambodia betwen 1975 and 1979?

Question 2: If you answered "a trial" to Q1, who do you think should control the trial?

Question 3: If there is a trial, who should be indicted?

Question 4: Do you think the United States, the United Nations or other foreign countries should be held responsible in some way for the crimes committed in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979?


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