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Cambodia: The Betrayal David Monroe English 1990 52 min. Documentary Duke University
John Pilger examines western nations' efforts in bringing the Khmer Rouge into the UN peace plan in Cambodia.
Cambodia: Year One Written by John Pilger English 1980 60 min. Documentary BuyIndies.com
The film portrays Cambodia on a brink of famine and cultural annihilation and the process of recovery. The film also shows China's and the US's continued support for the Khmer Rouge regime.
Cambodia: Year Ten Film for the Humanity & Science, Inc English 1989 45 min. Documentary Florida State University
This film shows the effect of the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese invasion and occupation of Cambodia in the late 1980s and early 1990’s.
Fear and Hope in Cambodia Isabelle Abric (UN) English 1993 59 min. Documentary First Run Icarus Films
This documentary chronicles the story of Cambodia from the signing of the Paris Peace Agreement to the elections and the signing of a new constitution.
Investigative Reports: Return to the Killing Fields A&E home video English 2000 50 min. Report Amazon.com
Bill Kurtis made a trip to the Killing Fields and examine the cause of the massacre.
The Killing Fields Roland Joffé English 1984 142 min. Feature Film Amazon.com
The movie follows a true story of life and death of a Cambodian photographer who survived the Khmer Rouge regime.
Lonely Planet Television Destination Cambodia Pilot Productions English 2000 47 min. Report Pilot Film and Television Productions
Traveller Ian Wright ventures deep into Cambodia to discover the lives and customs of Cambodians.
One Evening after the War (Un soir après la guerre) Rithy Panh Khmer 1998 108 min. Feature Film The Internet Movie Database
Pol Pot: Biography A&E English 1998 50 min. Biography Historychannel.com
This documentary examines a shy, but complex man, who would became leader of one of the worse genocidal regime in the 20th century.
Samsara: Survival and Recovery in Cambodia Ellen Bruno English 1989 29 min. Documentary Brunofilms
This film documents the suffering and rebirth of the Cambodian people in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent Viet Nam invasion.
The Secrets of S-21: Legacy of a Cambodian Prison   English 1998 30 min. Documentary Berkeley University
In this documentary, two American photographers piece together the details of the genocide that took place at S-21 through thousands of photos, interviews with former prison guards and prisoners.


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