The Yale Center for Earth Observation (YCEO) is one of the Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies (YIBS) research centers. We provide a centralized source of remote sensing hardware, software, and expertise for the Yale community. Assistance is available to help users in the selection, procurement and analysis of satellite images. In addition, the Center has an archive of Landsat, MODIS, AVHRR, ASTER, GOES, Radarsat, ERS-1, and JERS-1 satellite images that are available for research projects.

The YCEO Laboratory supports Windows-based systems featuring high-end workstations accessing our dedicated server over an internal gigabit network. The workstations have been configured to handle the graphic demands and large files typical in remote sensing, using high performance video graphics cards and 24 inch flat panel (LCD) displays. This equipment, coupled with the latest versions of the predominant remote sensing and GIS software, provide a strong foundation to support the remote sensing needs of the Yale community.

Yale students and faculty members interested in learning if this technology could contribute to your research are encouraged to visit the Center. YCEO staff can review your project goals and discuss how, or if, remote sensing and satellite imagery may be integrated into your research.

Anyone at Yale with experience working with satellite images is welcome to use the lab. You should complete a YCEO Account Request form and drop by for a visit. After review, an account will be set up for you on the YCEO systems. For those without remote sensing experience you may want to explore the educational offerings of the Center.

The Center is located in Room 119 of the Environmental Science Center at 21 Sachem Street.

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