International Meetings and Conferences

23 - 27 May, 2005 2005 Joint Assembly: AGU, SEG, NABS and SPD/AAS
New Orleans, LA, USA.
The joint assembly covers a wide range of geophysical topics, including atmospheric and land surface processes, climate, and hydrology.
7 - 12 August, 2005 90th Annual Meeting Ecological Society of America
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
One of the dramatic changes in ecological research has been the recognition of an ability to conduct research at multiple scales. These multiple scales are spatial, temporal and biological. As our insights at differing scales grow, so does our capacity to link information across scales. These linkages enable us, on the one hand, to develop a richer understanding of the mechanisms that drive the ecological patterns and processes that we see, and on the other hand, to understand and demonstrate the significance of these patterns and processes. The ultimate result of these linkages will be both greater scientific understanding and greater capacity to communicate ecological results to policy communities from local to regional to global scales. This joint meeting of national and international ecological societies offers a perfect venue to present and evaluate ecological information at multiple scales, and especially to focus on and incubate cross-scale linkages.
12 - 15 December, 2005 MODSIM05: Advances and applications for management and decision making
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
This theme has been selected to reinforce the importance of modelling and simulation developments for management and decision making, particularly those which have not been present at recent MODSIM conferences. Additionally, we wish to continue the focus within MODSIM conferences on the application of modelling and simulation techniques to a broad range of real-world problems.

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