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Rangeland Field Surveys

Five test sites were chosen in the Aleppo Steppe for regular measurements. They are located in a transition zone between cultivated farmland and rangelands. The total average annual rainfall is around 220mm.

Annuals and shrubs that are typical for the Aleppo Steppe were chosen for measuring. The soils are mainly silty or sandy with a high gypsum content. For measurements of the annual grasses at each site three quadrants (1x1m) were selected and their corners marked with sticks. At each visit 9 spectral readings were taken from each quadrant at measuring heights between 40cm - 150cm. For the selected shrubs, 9 spectral readings were taken from variable heights.

The spectral reflectance was measured between 350-2500nm using a FieldSpec Pro FR® from Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc (ASD).

Weekly measurements intervals on all sites: Field measurements continue at longer sampling intervals during the dry season.

Additional measurements at longer intervals:
Regional daily measurements:

Aster image level 1B, Acq. date 30 March 2001, bands 7,3,1 RGB

Site 5 Site 4 Site 3 Site 2 Site 1

Field Site 1 Field Site 2 Field Site 3 Field Site 4 Field Site 5

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