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Observational climatology

Average Monthly Climatologies for the SWAP region have been computed. The region extends from 20 to 45 degrees north latitude, and 25 to 65 degrees east longitude. The climatologies were calculated using data from 1979 through 1996 and averaging each month.

The original datasets were obtained from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The dataset is from FAOclim v1.0 supplemented with data from national meteorological services in the region. The dataset includes monthly values for several parameters. Below are plots of mean temperature and precipitation

The station data were objectively analyzed using a Cressman Analysis method. The final grids were contoured and plotted up using NCAR Command Language (NCL).

Average Monthly Temperature (ºC) with Elevation Correction

Jan Temp Feb Temp Mar Temp Apr Temp May Temp Jun Temp Jul Temp Aug Temp Sep Temp Oct Temp Nov Temp Dec Temp
Click here for a Temperature Loop (Large - 321kb) with Elevation Correction.

Click here for the mean annual temperature.

Click here for the annual temperature range.

Average Monthly Precipitation (mm)

Jan Precip Feb Precip Mar Precip Apr Precip May Precip Jun Precip Jul Precip Aug Precip Sep Precip Oct Precip Nov Precip Dec Precip
Click here for a Precipitation Loop (Large - 166kb).

Click here for the mean annual precipitation.

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