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Irrigated Steppe Systems

Irrigated steppe systems

While supplemental water may be provided crops in the well-watered zones, irrigation is essential in the drier zones. Pump-driven irrigation, taking advantage of higher water tables and small fields, is characteristic. Often fields are separated from one another. As population increases, the density of pumps increases, the fields are closer, and the water table decreases.

Vineyard with drip irrigation

Irrigated cotton with salts showing

Slime buildup in cotton fields being irrigated with sulphurous water

South view of irrigated bread wheat, with Tell Bisari in back

Samir examining drip irrigation tubes in cotton field

Close-up of drip irrigation in cotton field. Some salt showing

Irrigated cotton and wheat. Tell in background

North view of irrigated cotton

Last update: 20 January 2004
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