Large Scale Mapping of the Tell Brak in Syrian Jazirah


Walton Green: Geology & Geophysics

Advisor: Leo Hickey


We are using three dimensional ground survey data collected during the spring of 2000 near the site of Tell Brak in the Syrian Jazirah in order to produce a large-scale topographical map of a small area of the Wadi Jaghjagh for geomorphological analysis. This is associated with the excavation of two small archaeological sites (Green, forthcoming, Oates and Oates 1990) and reconstruction of the Holocene fluvial regime and floodplain paleoenvironment.

Green, W. (forthcoming) Preliminary report of the Excavation of a Stone Architectural Feature Near Tell Brak

Oates, D., and J. Oates (1990) Aspects of Hellenistic and Roman Settlement in the Khabur Basin pp. 227-248 in Resurrecting the past: a joint tribute to Adnan Bounni Paolo Matthiae, Maurits van Loon and Harvey Weiss, eds. Istambul: Nederlands Historisch-Archaeologisch Instituutte.

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29 November 2000