Brenna Vredeveld

Advisor: Lisa Curran


My project uses remotely sensed Landsat images to detect changes in land cover associated with urbanization in Quito, Ecuador. Urban growth has occurred rapidly in this area over the past 50 years. However, growth now is concentrated in the provinces directly surrounding Quito; the city itself is experiencing negative growth. Land cover changes associated with this diffuse, peri-urban growth can range from low density housing to conversion of land to agricultural fields. I am proposing to analyze the satellite images to assess relative rates of change of land cover in these areas. I will use this analysis to correlate land cover changes with other important social, economic, legal and biophysical variables that describe the chosen case study areas.

This project was started in the course Observing the Earth from Space. When I return from Quito in the fall, I anticipate having to use the CEO lab to continue my work.