Monitoring gas pipeline impacts and compliance


Andrea Johnson

Advisor: Amity Doolittle


I am performing, in cooperation with Environmental Defense, some pilot work to assess the utility of Quickbird satellite images and remote sensing technologies for monitoring the environmental impacts and operational compliance of a natural gas pipeline project in Peru. There is significant interest in establishing a consistent and independent system for monitoring this project over the several decades of its lease, and several of the most serious potential consequences - soil erosion, colonization, and deforestation are, in theory, amenable to monitoring with satellite imagery.

I am specifically interested in measuring the width of the pipeline's Right-of-Way, which by regulation must be under 30m at all points, and quantifying noncompliance. I am also evaluating Quickbird's utility, as a product with fine spatial resolution but limited spectral resolution.

In continuing this project I may:

  1. analyze images of other segments of the pipeline
  2. use image products with an NIR band as well as visual spectrum bands
  3. fine-tune the results from my original pilot project for possible publication
  4. .

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6 January 2005