Elaine Hooper

Advisor: Mark Ashton


Brazil: The objectives of this research are threefold: 1) to assess the spatial extent of deforestation in my study area; 2) determine the pattern and rate of change in forest extent and dynamics (change detection) in my study area, and 3) find correlates between measured biodiversity, specifically the biodiversity of tree seedling species richness and environmental data extracted from remote sensing images at my study site. My study site is the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP) site (-2.2007 South,-60.0648 West to  -2.2519 South -59.5236 West), located approximately 80 km northwest of Manaus, Brazil in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

Australia: I wish to examine Landsat images of areas in tropical Queensland where I plan to conduct research on the interaction of forest fragmentation and climate change on forest regeneration. I will mosaic images from 4 Landsat scenes for my area and use my proposed work to identify candidate sites for conductiong my new study.