Diana Connett

Advisor: Robert Mendelsohn


I plan to look at the new GOSAT CO2 product and compare it to SCIAMACHY's total column CO2 product.  My hope is to use a similar methodology as I did in my final project for OEFS (coming up with a boundary-layer estimate using a total column-averaged value and a mid-troposphere value), but find a satellite
product that makes a little more sense than SCIAMACHY (ie - doesn't peak over the Sahara Desert).  I also plan to narrow a comparison to EDGAR data -- to
just countries/regions with adequate emissions reporting or find a dataset that uses ambient concentration measurements at the ground level.

In addition to my work on CO2, I plan to investigate the feasibility of similar projects for some of the criteria pollutants, like SO2 and NOX, or look at the
feasibility of incorporating aerosol concentrations (like those from CALIPSO) into my work on the Environmental Performance Index.