Real-time Meteorological Data Ingestion, Management and Analysis using the Internet Data Distribution:


Paul Gluhosky: Research Staff in G&G


The Internet Data Distribution is a project headed by Unidata in Boulder, CO. Universities nationwide employ Unidata's Internet Data Distribution (IDD) to update their holdings of environmental data in near-real time. IDD is a distributed system with components--data sources, relays and sinks--at numerous locations. Most components are operated by the participating universities, and it is thus a community endeavor. This is organized and guided by the Unidata Program Center (UPC). The linchpin of IDD is Unidata's Local Data Management (LDM) software, designed to move data in near-real time over the Internet computer network: as data arrive at various source locations, they are distributed to relay sites which, in turn, relay them to end-users or to other relays until all data recipients have been served.

Data Available:

Data streams currently conveyed to US universities via IDD include:

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26 June 1998