Project reports should be double spaced and a MAXIMUM of 20 pages not including figures, they could be less. If you have more to say, you can use single spacing. Please begin the papers with a title and an abstract, only one or two paragraphs long. Follow this with no more than two pages for your introduction and background. Why are you interested in this project and why should we care?

Do not spend half of your report on background. Focus on methods, results and conclusions. The main body of your report should describe your data and methods. Tell us what type of imagery, what dates, and the path/row if applicable. Remember that your audience understands remote sensing; you do not need to tell us that Landsat MSS has four bands or that a MODIS daily scene has 16 emissive bands.

Describe what you have done with the images and what results you have. Did you do any preprocessing? Dark object subtraction? Georeferencing? Subsetting? Threshholding? Did you create any indices, and why? How did you calculate them and use them? What problems did you encounter? Did you overcome them? If so, how. If not, could you pursue an alternate path? Did you try different methods? If so, how did results differ?

Were you able to arrive at any results and conclusions. (A valid conclusion that we have heard several times in the past is that remote sensing may not the be best tool for your project goals). What would be the next steps if you were to continue on this research?

You should get the idea what we are looking for. You can always take a look at some of the previous reports for guidance as well (of course these do not have grades on them so ...)