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For more information on other YCEO projects, and examples of the type of project description we need, see the Current YCEO Research Activities section of our web site.

Describe/list the datasets you will need to use. If possible make an estimate of the disk space you will require.

Describe your experience in the field of remote sensing. Do you have experience with the following geospatial software: ENVI, Imagine, ArcGIS, or other associated programs?

Will anyone else who is working with you need accounts on the system? Who and why?

The Lab hours are Mon-Fri during the day while classes are in session. Do you anticipate a need to work in the lab outside those times? When and Why?

If this project is primarily oriented around GIS tools or applications, explain specifically what software you will use and why the YCEO is better suited to your work than other GIS centers around campus.

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09 June 2014