The Remote Sensing User Group is an informal assembly of students, faculty, and staff at Yale University who have a common interest in the field of satellite-based remote sensing. The purpose of the group is to exchange ideas, share experiences, and improve communication among the diverse remote sensing community here at Yale. These areas include Foresty & Environmental Science, Geology & Geophysics, Archeology & Anthropology, Epidemiology & Public Health, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, the Genocide Study Program, the Environmental Studies Program, and several other organizations around the campus.

User Group meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, in the Environmental Science Center classroom ESC 110. Anyone wishing to learn more about remote sensing is encouraged to attend a meeting. You may also want to contact Larry Bonneau to arrange for a brief tour of the YCEO Lab at ESC 119 before or after a meeting.


Spring 2014 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 3
Canceled due to snow
Russ Schimmer Developing geospatial systems to monitor industrial mines and mine wastes for the surety and financial markets
March 3

Russ Schimmer

Lindsi Seegmiller &
Devin Routh

Developing geospatial systems to monitor industrial mines and mine wastes for the surety and financial markets

Hyperspectral ENVI and Google Earth Engine

April 7

Allegra Gordon

Jenna Hessert

An analysis of Landsat 8 images of the Arctic's Beaufort Sea in conjunction with in-situ land temperature measurements

Remote sensing monitoring of oil spills with implications to Arctic regions and an analysis of a potential oil spill scenario

Fall 2013 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
October 7 Larry Bonneau Google Earth Engine and related cloud-based tools
November 4

Giuseppe Amatulli

Open source software and big data: for GIS, remote sensing, and statistical analysis
Hands on exercise will be included so bring a laptop

December 2 Anne Trainor
Kevin McLean
Using LiDAR data to map species habitat and distributions

Spring 2013 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 4 Adam Wilson Using MODIS NDVI to model post-fire ecosystem recovery in South Africa
March 4

Mao-Ning Tuanmu
Qingling Zhang

Global consensus land cover data for spatial biodiversity research
Google Earth Engine demo using the API

April 1 Lindsi Seegmiller et al F&ES Geo SIG presentations

Fall 2012 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
October 1 Dr. Miguel Román The Suomi National Polar Orbiting Partnership (NPP) Day/Night Visible Sensor: Unleashing A New Era of Nighttime Remote Sensing Applications
November 5

David Butman
Kate Hacker

Landscape controls on riverine biogeochemistry
Using remote sensing to identify urban slums

December 3 Noel Aloysius Use of Remotely Sensed Information in Land Surface Hydrology: A Case Study from the Congo River Basin

Spring 2012 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 6 Ron Smith Regional Climate Mysteries Relating to the Surface Energy Budget
March 5 --- Recess break - no meeting
April 2 KT Mertes Rainforest fragmentation in SE Mexico
Movement decisions reveal fine-grain species-environment relationships for three bird species in Laikipia, Kenya

Fall 2011 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
October 3

Larry Bonneau

Review of data import routines in ENVI

November 7 Various A review of Yale Labs using remote sensing; includes FES, EPH, EEB, Anthro, and G&G
December 12 Students Remote Sensing of Land Cover and Land Use Change student project presentations

Spring 2011 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 7

P. K. Joshi

Geoinformatics for Environmental Studies & Forestry
- some experience
March 7 --- Recess break - no meeting
April 4 Chris Mackey Chicago Urban Heat Island
  Larry Bonneau Landsat gap filling with ENVI software

Fall 2010 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
October 4


No meeting this month

November 1 Qingling Zhang Using the NOAA "Night Lights" to map urban sprawl
  Eliza Little Looking for Dengue fever vectors
December 6 Katherine Mertes The relationship between tree cover and urban temperature in Los Angeles

Spring 2010 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 1 Ben Zaitchik Improving simulations of climate and hydrology through satellite data assimilation
March 1 Moe Myint and
Xuemei Han
Landscape-level mapping of forest stand structure and type by combining multispectral reflectance and radar backscatter: An innovative integration of pixel-based and object based approch using k-mean algorithm
April 5 Sarah Guagliardo Using Remote Sensing to Extract Environmental Variables in Dengue Fever Research: A Case Study in Merida, Venezuela
  Will Gardner A Nomads Response to Social Change: Landsat analysis of Ulaanbatar, Mongolia from 1989 to 2009



Fall 2009 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
October 5

Stacey Maples
Larry Bonneau

GIS Updates at Yale
Recent remote sensing software updates

November 2 Dea Doklestic Assessing the effects of Argentina's 2009 drought and determining the dominant land-atmosphere feedbacks
  Michele Trickey Using MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands to detect atmospheric temperature versions over Chile
December 7 TBD TBD

Spring 2009 Meeting Schedule

This semester meetings will be held from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Date Speaker Topic
February 2 Helen Poulos Using Remote Sensing to Estimate Birch Canopy Productivity
March 2

Qingling Zhang

Tamara Machac

Temporally and spatially complete MODIS BRDF/Albedo product for regional and global applications
Regional Climate Change: Land-surface feedbacks in Semi-arid Regions
April 6 Ron Smith, Karen Seto, Marcello Canuto, Marty Gilmore This month we will host the New England Region ASPRS meeting from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Refreshments at 6:30 PM. All are welcome.

Fall 2008 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
September 1 -- Labor Day holiday - No meeting this month
October 6 Larry Bonneau What's new at the YCEO Lab, an update on software, and some exiting new sensors you will want to know about
Zach Parisa Estimating above ground carbon in a highly variable landscape, to a high degree of accuracy, with new AVNIR-II and PALSAR data
November 3 Karen Seto Our new F&ES associate professor is an expert in urban growth dynamics and remote sensing. Karen will talk about her current and future work
December 1 Kim Carlson Using feature extraction tools to classify high resolution multispectral satellite imagery in the tropics

Spring 2008 Meeting Schedule

This semester meetings will be held from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Date Speaker Topic
February 4 Jung Hyo Chae Seasonal variation of the tropical cloud-top height from MISR observation
Will Gardner Remote Sensing Survey of Prehistoric Land Cultivation In the Yampa and White River Drainage Basins
March 3 Dr. P. K. Joshi Ecological Mapping in India using temporal satellite remote sensing data and other inputs
April 7 Canceled  
May 5 Noel Aloysius Predictability of Vegetation Growth Conditions based on Climatic Conditions
Roland Geerken TBD

Fall 2007 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
September 3   Labor Day holiday - No meeting this month
October 1 Larry Bonneau Solar Illumination and Mountain Micro Climates
October 15
Special Seminar!
Roland Fletcher
University of Sydney
Angkor - urban landscape, economy and environment
November 5 Karina Yager Using remote sensing in landscape ecology studies in Sajama National Park, Bolivia
Zack Parisa Sustainable forest and rangeland management in Armenia
December 3 Tom James The Darhad Valley of Mongolia as seen from Landsat and Horseback
Brenna Vredeveld The benefits of remote sensing to prepare for field work in Quito, Ecuador

Spring 2007 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 5 Ted Holford Spatially integrated exposure modeling
Russ Schimmer Remote sensing - a new tool for genocide research and studies
March 5 David Butman Estimating Biomass Across Large Scales...trials and tribulations...
Abe Parrish GIS Education Offerings at Yale
April 2 Neung-Hwan Oh Using GIS and remote sensing to study carbon transport in riverine systems
Maria Diuk-Wasser Climate modeling for Lyme disease risk mapping
May 17 Rhead Enion Processing images with "R" to create generalized linear models to estimate secchi disc transparency, chlorophyll a and total suspended solids in Chesapeake Bay and Long Island Sound
Special date/time Thursday 11 AM -- ESC 110

Fall 2006 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
August 8 Larry Bonneau Image Analysis and ArcGIS - a demo and discussion of remote sensing education at Yale
September 12 Helen Mills Advanced classification using CART and decision trees
Emily Goble The truth about ground truthing
October 10 Jason Nesbitt Using ASTER to study archaeological landscapes
Heidi Brown Comparing vegetation indices across 3 sensors (ASTER, Landsat, and Hyperion)
November 14 David Griffith Studying carbon sequestration in the Hudson River
Roland Geerken A global LCLU classification scheme for NDVI time series
December 12 Andrew Niccolai Development of automated tree identification methodology in high spatial resolution remotely sensed imagery
Kim Carlson Using high-resolution hyperspectral data to predict plant biodiversity in tropical forests