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MODIS, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer sensor, was launched on the Terra platform in December of 1999. It was designed to provide almost daily coverage of the globe at various resolutions from 250 m to 1 km. This sensor features 36 bands of data, capturing reflected and emitted information across the electro magnetic spectrum from visible to thermal wavelengths.

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet about the MODIS platform. One of your first stops should be the MODIS section of the CEO Links page. It has several good references for this platform, as well as a PowerPoint presentaion developed by Jill Eastman on how to order and download MODIS data.

Current MODIS tiles at the CEO:

We have downloaded many tiles of 500m 8-Day Composite Surface Reflectance MODIS Data covering a portion of South West and Central Asia. For each tile we have complete temporal coverage from 2000 to the present. A single file for each tile is approxzimately 157 MB in size, and there are 72 time periods for each tile in our archive. This consists of many gigabytes of data and are stored on CDs in the lab.

Below is a map indicating the MODIS tile coverage and labels. You can click on the green sections to view representative browse images of the areas we have in the lab. Data from other regions or dates can be ordered and downloaded following the procedures in the links mentioned above

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16 August 2002