September 9
Emily Erikson (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Yale)
"New Organizational Forms and the Development of Economics"

September 16
Jensen Sass (Graduate Student, Sociology, Yale)
From Collaboration to Consolidation: Monsanto and the Transformation of Political Agency, 1973-1985"

September 23
Jeffrey Guhin (Abd El-Kader Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia)
"Why Worry about Evolution?: Boundaries, Practices, and Moral Salience in Sunni and Evangelical High Schools"

September 30
Jean-Baptiste Gallopin (Graduate Student, Sociology, Yale)
"Revolution or revolt? Regime change and turnover of political elites in Tunisia"

October 7
Yingyao Wang (Graduate Student, Sociology, Yale)
"Chinese Policy Elites and the Organizational Origin of Economic Ideas"

October 14
Department Talk – No CRW)

October 21
Nitsan Chorev (Associate Professor, Sociology, Brown University)
"Transnational Origins of Local Industry: The Case of Pharmaceutical Production in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda"

October 28
Mattias Smångs, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Sociology (at Lincoln Center)
"Doing Violence, Making Race: Lynching and Racial Group Formation in the post-Reconstruction South"

November 4
Dan Lainer-Vos, (Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Southern California)
"Legislative Labor and the Making of International Interests: The Pro-Israel Lobby in Washington, 1951-1954"

November 11
Peter Stamatov (Professor of Sociology)
"Imperial Mixing and Unmixing: Religious Regimes and Combinatorial Logics of Human Diversity"

November 18
Shai Dromi (Graduate Student, Sociology, Yale) and Gülay Türkmen-Dervişoğlu (Graduate Student, Yale Sociology)
"Reversal of Fortune: The Loss of Political Power and The Trauma of The Displaced Founding Elites in Israel And Turkey "

December 2 NO CRW: Dept talk with Dalton Conley

December 9
David FitzGerald (Associate Professor, Sociology, University of California, San Diego)
"Immigrant Assimilability as a Condition of Entry: A Comparative-Historical Perspectiveg"

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