January 13
Mustafa Yavas (Sociology, Yale)
"Challenging the Boundaries between the Left and Islam in Turkey: the Left-wing Islamists"

January 20
Josh Pacewicz (Brown University)
Partisans and Partners: the Politics of the Post-Keynesian Society"

January 27
Andrea Komlosy (Wien University, visiting Harvard)

"Re-assessing Labor and Value Transfer From a Global Perspective"

February 3
Rene Almeling (Sociology, Yale)

The Bodily Experience of Medical Technology: Comparing Women Who Do In Vitro Fertilization for Pregnancy or for Profit

February 10
Don Tomaskovic-Devey (Umass Amherst)

"Generating Inequalities: Generic Process in Institutional Context"

February 17
Jonathan Wyrtzen (Sociology,Yale)

"Linking Legibility and Legitimization: Seeing and Being Seen Like a Colonial State in French North Africa"

February 24
Neha Gondal (Ohio State)

"The Academic Caste System: Disentangling Academic Rank, Department Rank, and Gender"

March 3
Matthew Andersson (Sociology, Yale)

"How Do We Assign Ourselves Social Status? A Cross-Cultural Test of the Cognitive Averaging Principle"

Discussant: Emily Erikson

March 10

March 17

March 24
Kevan Harris (Princeton)

"Can an Oil State be a Welfare State? Social Policy in Theory and Practice in Post-revolutionary Iran"

Discussant: Julia Adams

April 7
Julia Adams (Sociology, Yale)
Wikipedia, Theory and Academic Knowledge"

April 10          

CHESS&CRW: – Mara Loveman

April 14
Andrea Komlosy (Wien University, visiting Harvard)

Re-assessing labor and value transfer from a global perspective”

Discussant: Valentina Assenova

April 21
Ayesha Ramachandran (Comparative Literature, Yale)

"Early Modern Cosmopolitanism: Between Religion and Nation"

Discussant: Jonathan Wyrtzen

April 28
Elizabeth Roberto (Sociology, Yale)

"Spatial Boundaries and the Local Context of Residential Segregation"

May 5

No meeting

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