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Welcome to World Calligraphy at Yale!

We are an intercultural group for people who want to learn diverse traditions of calligraphy together: Latin, Chinese, Arabic and anything else members are interested in.

Chalk art in front of Sterling Memorial Library

Chinese calligraphy by Xiaoxing Cao from ISPY, others by World Calligraphy.
Reading Week, Spring 2013.

"We who are about to die salute you"
The greeting used by Roman gladiators before a show.

临时抱佛脚 [linshi bao fojiao]
"Embracing the Buddha's foot at the last minute"
Praying for a miracle with last-minute exam cramming.

اعقلها و توكل [I'kulha w tawakal]
"Tie it before you ask God"
(i.e. Do your best before relying on God)
A saying of the Prophet, from al-Hadith al-Sharif



Requirements – None. Beginners are welcome, equipment is provided during meetings, and there is no fee.

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Mailing list – You can become a member by joining our mailing list. This is the best way to get updates on our weekly meetings and other club activities. You will rarely get more than one email a week.

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We have a wide variety of equipment for the Chinese, Latin and Arabic traditions, but not everything attends every meeting. If you have any special requests, please email We have:

Discounts – We buy extra sets of some materials so that we can pass on bulk/shipping discounts to members who want to buy them for home practice.


Handouts, Books, Links

Old handouts are usually available at our meetings, so just ask. But not all books attend all meetings, so you may want to make requests in advance.

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If you know of any other calligraphy-related novels, please let us know.