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Jean Eric Rakotoarisoa
Graduate Student



Research Interests:

My research interests are broad and include Phylogenetics, Population genetics, Conservation biology and Niche modeling. Currently, I am working on a project on endemic species of rodents in Madagascar which aims at understanding the potential role of ecotones in generating biodiversity at both the population (genetic differentiation) and species levels (speciation) using population genetics and comparative phylogeography approaches. This project will contribute to our understanding of (1) the role of habitat heterogeneity in generating genetic diversity and promoting speciation, (2) the biogeography of Madagascar, and finally (3) the importance of ecotones in conservation in general.



Rakotoarisoa, J. E. & B. Be. 2004. Breeding and foraging behaviour and habitat characteristics of the Scaly Ground-roller Geobiastes squamigerus in Madagascar. Ostrich 75(1&2):25-31. Abstract

Gole, T. W. & J. E. Rakotoarisoa, 2002. Habitat partitioning by two sympatric babbler species in the vicinity of lake Naivasha, Kenya. Journal of Forestry Research 13(2):127-130.

2003- Travel Award (Society for Conservation Biology)
2002- Phi Sigma Beta Lambda Chapter Research Grant (Illinois State University)
2001- Lela Winegarner Fellowship (Illinois State University)
2000- Fulbright Scholarship (US Department of State)