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Evolutionary Genetics of Vector and Parasite Populations
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Development of Molecular Markers for Novel Organisms
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Dr. Adalgisa Caccone
Current Lab Members
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YIBS-Molecular Systemtics Conservation Genetics Laboratory
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Current Lab Members


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Adalgisa Caccone, Principal Investigator
jon beadell Jon Beadell, Post Doctoral Fellow
ryan garrick
Ryan Garrick, Post Doctoral Associate
beckie symula Beckie Symula, Post Doctoral Associate
edgar Edgar Benavides, Post Doctoral Associate
ben Benjamin Evans, Research Assistant, DNA Analysis Facility on Science Hill
chaz hyseni Chaz Hyseni, Research Assistant


Joanne Klein, Research Assistant


carol mariani Carol Mariani, Research Assistant, DNA Analysis Facility on Science Hill
richard Richard Echodu, Visiting Scholar, PhD Candidate, Gulu University, Uganda
brittney Brittney Kajdacsi, Senior Research Project
mike reddy Michael Reddy, PhD Candidate, EPH