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The Marble and Brass Series

photo courtesy Michael Marsland

This year marks the 14th year of the collaboration between the Beinecke Library and Brass that is known as the Marble and Brass series. This series is the longest running series in the Beinecke's robust lineup of musical offerings. The idea is simple: the rich architectural beauty of the Beinecke Library has, as a side effect, created a premier space for musical performance that is especially well-suited to the rich, resonant timbre of brass instruments. The Beinecke mezzanine receives the depth of sound that brass instruments produce and creates a 360 degree immersion into the tonal space.

The first Marble and Brass concert was held in the Spring of 2000. Since then Marble and Brass has continually increased in popularity. Now, in its 13th season, the series thrills nearly 250 people at the annual holiday concert, packing every corner of the Beinecke mezzanine.

The concerts of the Marble and Brass series have varied widely in their theme and musical genre. Brass strives to continue to bring innovative and engaging musical programs to the series each year. Below is a list of the concerts in the series. Click on a concert to view the program for that concert.

2008: No concerts, Beinecke closed for renovations

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