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Kickstarter Drawing

The challenge was met, and so we will enter everyone who has donated by Kickstarter into a drawing for a chance to win a  private performance. The winner will be able to choose the location and the repertoire (for instance they could choose to have it be at their child's school, a birthday party, etc.).

Multiple entries are possible. Your name will be entered once for $15, twice for $25, and then once for every additional $25 increment above that (so a $100 donation yields 5 entries). All those who donated through Kickstarter are eligible.

Terms and Conditions

  • The time and date of the performance are subject to Brass’ performance schedule. Brass reserves the right to require a different date or programming selection to avoid conflicts with other scheduled concerts.
  • The performance must be within 20 miles of New Haven. If the performance is farther away, it is the responsibility of the winner to cover Brass’ travel fees and related expenses.
  • Only Brass’ performance time is awarded; any expenses associated with the venue and production of the concert are the responsibility of the winner. It is also the winner's responsibility to make all necessary arrangements.
  • Pieces not currently in our repertoire may be programmed if the winner is willing to cover the cost of acquiring them. Brass reserves the right to veto any piece if in their judgment the demands of the performance season do not allow adequate resources to prepare the piece.
About Brass   Performances    Media   Repertoire   Hire Brass

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