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Matthew Weed
Visiting Scholar
9/13 - 6/14

Dr. Matthew Weed, Yale/SM’93, Princeton/WWS: MPA’95, Harvard Genetics MA’96 and Yale Ph.D. ’04   is a Yale/Hastings fellow and visiting scientist in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Dr. Weed is returning to Yale after three years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he helped launch the $350 million Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Project and began work on several projects to build cost-negative programs to expose health professions students to how patients manage chronic health needs at home and work. He will continue researching on these projects and, later, advocating for their implementation as part of his Yale/Hastings fellowship this year. He is also working on projects to study the process of admissions to health professions schools and how it affects the care we provide patients at all levels of care. Finally, he is working on a book project intended to act as a call to action for people to become more engaged in their communities, using his life experience as a totally blind and diabetic world traveler, published academic, policy maker, science administrator, skier, rollerblader and health advocate to show how interconnected we all are and how helping others can have a truly profound impact on our own lives as well.


Robert G. Whiteman
Yale-Hastings Scholar
9/12 - 6/13

Robert G. Whiteman, JD, MA (Theology), MS (Bioethics), has combined a long-standing interest in law and medicine into a career as a healthcare and medical malpractice defense attorney and recently earned a graduate degree in bioethics from Columbia University. He has designed and taught Legal Aspects of Healthcare Organizations at St. John’s University and has lectured on legal issues to national medical societies. He has devised curriculum and implemented courses in Philosophy and Criminal Justice for the U.S. Navy aboard deployed warships. He has a keen interest in end-of-life issues particularly with respect to physician’s assistance in the dying process. He is also interested in the epidemic of obesity particularly with respect to children and the indications for bariatric surgery in that population. A recent work “Medical Tourism and Bariatric Surgery” was published in Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, the journal for the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.


Victoria Koszowski
Yale-Hastings Scholar
8/20/12 – 9/1/12

Victoria Koszowski, MBE is a PhD candidate at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Victoria has a decade of corporate experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked as a pharmacovigilance policy writer. She received her Master's degree in Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Global Framework Fellowship, bringing her to Ghana to work with sickle-cell children at a hospital in Kumasi. This experience was life-changing and contributed to Victoria's current research interests, which are corporate philanthropy and global healthcare and policy. Victoria's PhD project is titled: "An Ethical Analysis of Retention Strategies for Discouraging the Flight of Human Capital in Health Care."   


Katie Watson
Yale-Hastings Scholar
4/15/12 – 4/21/12

Katie Watson, JD, is the Editor of Atrium, a healthcare magazine started by professional & graduate students at Yale in 2007. She is also an Assistant Professor in the Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.



Joseph Balog
Yale-Hastings Scholar
3/19/12 – 4/27/12

Dr. Joseph E. Balog received his doctoral degree in health education from the University of Maryland. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Science at The College at Brockport, State University of New York where he has also served as Chair of the department and as the Associate Director of the Child and Adolescent Stress Management Institute. As a member of the American Association of Health Education Ethics Committee, he worked to established ethical standards for the field of health education. He also served on the Joint Committee for the Development of Graduate Level Preparation Standards sponsored by the Society for Public Health Education and the American Association for Health Education to establish competencies, including ethical competencies, which are used throughout the country for certification of professionals and for accreditation of professional health education programs. In addition to teaching and service activities, he has been active in research and his publications have addressed the areas of ethics, public health and health education. One of his recent works, The Moral Justification for a Compulsory Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Program,” was published in The American Journal of Public Health, the premier journal in public health.




Daniel Brauer
Yale-Hastings Scholar
3/5/12- 3/25/12

Daniel Brauer is Research Assistant at the Center for Medical Law, University of Göttingen (Germany). He is Project Coordinator for the sub-project on family and medical law of the Center’s research project on “Autonomy and Trust in Modern Medicine.”




Sheelagh McGuinness, LLB, MA, PhD
Yale-Hastings Scholar
2/6/12 – 3/4/12

Sheelagh McGuinness is University Fellow at the Centre for Health Law, Science and Policy at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her research focuses on ethical and legal issues related to regulation of embryos in reproduction.  



john coggon

John Coggon
Yale-Hastings Scholar
2/6/12 – 3/4/12

John Coggon is a research fellow in interdisciplinary bioethics at the Institute for Science, Ethics, and Innovation at the University of Manchester, UK. His work focuses on questions in legal, moral, and political theory. He has published works on various issues in law and bioethics. The principal focus of his current work is on public health law and ethics, with his publications on the subject including his book "What Makes Health Public?" (Cambridge University Press, 2012).




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