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IRC Project

The Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Stress, Self-Control and Addiction (IRC) is a research consortium of over 50 scientists from three universities: the University of California at Irvine, Florida State University, and Yale. At Yale, the consortium’s activities are based at the Yale Stress Center. These researchers are collaborating to gain a greater understanding of stress and self-control mechanisms in addiction, in order to develop new prevention and treatment strategies to enhance self-control, and to decrease addictive behaviors. Its ultimate goals include the identification of biological markers for individuals at risk for developing addictive behavior, and the development of psychosocial or pharmacological interventions to prevent that behavior.


Robert Levine and Julius Landwirth were awarded a grant of $10,290 by the IRC to conduct a study of the ethical, legal and social implications of the IRC’s research on adolescent subjects. A panel of experts not directly involved in the project is studying the IRC’s research protocol, both to identify potential ethical issues related to the conduct of the research, and to identify the possible benefits and risks to adolescents when the IRC-study-developed interventions are implemented. The project will result in the publication of preliminary ethical guidelines for the conduct of this type of research on adolescents, and for the implementation of findings in clinical practice.