Yale Union-Management Partnership

Yale Union-Management Partnership | Human Resources & Administration

Our Vision

We are committed to building a strategic partnership between Yale University and Unite Here Locals 34 & 35 that improves the way Yale works.

  • We will lead and support a work environment that serves our University and that values quality, productivity and employee satisfaction by developing and strengthening labor-management partnership throughout the campus.
  • We will partner with each other through formal collaborations, such as those undertaken in the Best Practices Initiative.
  • We will also work together informally, resolving day-to-day problems and conflicts that arise and finding solutions to workplace issues for which we share a mutual concern.

Last Updated: November 23, 2009 (map).

“One result is that it has totally changed the nature of our monthly meetings. The meetings were once like a social gathering to commend staff for their hard work. Now the meetings are more business-like, and we discuss real issues."
–David Mills, Associate Director of the Yale Center for British Art