Yale Union-Management Partnership

Yale Union-Management Partnership | Human Resources & Administration

Supporting Yale's Partnership

The Best Practices Team facilitates the partnership across the University. We provide support through a variety of ways:

  • Lead task forces in support of campus wide initiatives.
  • Provide general information on Best Practices to help you consider opportunities.
  • Help you to frame your initiative and set the stage for Best Practice projects.
  • Assist Joint Departmental Committees (JDC) with chartering and design parameters.
  • Plan meeting agendas and facilitate meetings; facilitators pay attention to both the meeting content (what gets done) and the meeting process (how it gets done).
  • Address obstacles that impede team progress and bridge communications between key groups.
  • Deliver training on interest-based problem solving and meeting management.
  • Help with data collection and analysis.
  • Prepare presentations for sponsor updates.
  • Assist with project management activities.

Last Updated: April 14, 2009 (kp).

“Our job is to equip many people to lead union-management collaboration…through sanctioned projects and through wider adoption of best practices in everyday working life at Yale.”
–Jane Savage, Director, Best Practices