Yale Union-Management Partnership

Yale Union-Management Partnership | Human Resources & Administration

Policy Board

The Policy Board has several major functions in support of the Union-Management Partnership and Best Practices Initiative.

  • The Policy Board sets strategic direction for the partnership between Yale and Locals 34 and 35. It delegates the “steering” of initiatives to the Initiative Steering Committee.
  • It addresses policy-level decisions which may impact multiple departments at the University.
  • It monitors strategic and policy implications of joint union-management collaborative projects, as directed by the Initiative Steering Committee or departmental JDC’s.
  • It encourages a focus on sustained results and a positive impact on the larger organizational culture at Yale.
  • It actively addresses difficult conflicts that span multiple departments, are escalating, and / or may impact the union-management partnership.
  • It provides financial and other resources to support the Partnership and Best Practices Initiative.
  • It appoints the Best Practices Director, Best Practice Facilitators and the Communications Team.
  • It evaluates the performance of the Best Practices Director and Best Practices Group.


Last Updated: April 14, 2009 (kp).