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Interest-Based Problem Solving Pilots:
Yale University Library

Pilot programs are being developed in two departments (Yale University Library and Yale University Health Services) to seize opportunities to make a better workplace and resolve internal conflicts creatively before they turn into larger problems requiring the formal grievance procedure.

Phase Status
Phase 1: Charter January 2008: The Library JDC chartered a task force to design an alternative dispute resolution process for the library.
Phase 2: Kickoff February 2008: The task force began work with the facilitation support of Mike Gaffney. First learned about IBPS and then designed an IBPS process suitable for application in the Library.
Phase 3: Design/Recommendation August 2008 to present: The IBPS task force completed its design of an IBPS system and reviewed it with the Library JDC and Library managers and received approval to proceed with their pilot from the initiative Steering Committee in June. The task force set up a web site where interested parties can learn more about the progress of their work.
Phase 4: Implementation Planning July-September 2008
Phase 5: Launch September 2008: Launched one-year pilot by providing training for facilitators and to approximately 10 percent of the workforce. Managers and staff in those departments are committed to using IBPS to resolve conflicts. A measurement plan was put in place.
Phase 6: Project Summary Anticipated Fall 2009



Library Training

  1. To develop your department’s approach to the tasks outlined below, and to share that approach with the Initiative Steering Committee for its learning, input and guidance. 
  2. To design a proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution Pilot (ADR) system that you think would work effectively in the Yale University Library.
  3. To share and discuss your proposal with the Initiative Steering Committee (and other stakeholders) prior to implementation.The purpose of this sharing is not to obtain permission, but together to grapple with potential system-wide implications of the proposal you have developed. The union and management sponsors of your department’s ADR pilot would be invited to participate as well.
  4. To modify, refine, and implement your proposed ADR system in Yale University Library, as a pilot, with a plan for how to measure the impact of your proposal.
  5. To share your experiences of the pilots (what worked / what didn’t / recommendations for the future) with the Initiative Steering Committee and other stakeholders for potential application to other specific areas and/or system-wide. (The ADR system developed for your department may need to be modified for final implementation.)

Project team members

Debra Arcangelo-Vitale Facilitator
Bernadette Cioffi HR Generalist, University Library
Anthony Ferraiolo University Manager of Shipping & Receiving, University Library
Elizabeth Johnson, Co-Chair Library Service Assistant, University Library, Local 34
Maureen Malone Jones Library Service Assistant, University Library, Local 34
Karen Kupiec, Co-Chair Manager Web, Workstation, & Digital Consulting Services University Library
Duane Mellor Job Search Team and Secretary-Treasurer, Local 34
Lorraine Skibitcky Facilitator
Amelia Prostano Acquisition Assistant, Beinecke Library, Local 34
Diane Young Turner Associate University Librarian, Human Resources


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