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Labor Relations Essentials For Managers

With input from managers and front-line staff, this project focuses on developing new training for supervisors at Yale. This training will provide the skills necessary for supervisors to understand their roles in the context of union contracts.

Phase Status
Phase 1: Charter February 2008: The Policy Board chartered this project.
Phase 2: Kickoff March 2008: The design team convened for the first time.
Phase 3: Design/Recommendation March-August 2008: The task force designed a one-day workshop called “Labor Relations Essentials for Managers.” Received approval from Best Practices and Managing at Yale Steering Committees in May 2008. Refined design through August.
Phase 4: Implementation Planning August-September 2008: The one-day workshop was piloted by three groups. Refinements being made to align with Managing at Yale's objectives.
Phase 5: Launch

Anticipate final workshop in 2009.

Phase 6: Project Summary Anticipate 2009.


This is a joint Managing at Yale and Best Practices project. The design team’s charter is to develop training for managers and to design any associated supporting structures that support managers’ ability to manage more effectively, confidently, knowledgeably, and consistently in the context of an organized workforce. The training should “fit” with the overall objectives and tone of the Managing at Yale initiatives. The final product should be approved by both the Managing at Yale Steering Committee and the Best Practices Initiative Steering Committee.

Project team members

Karen Alderman Director of Human Resources, Law School
Kathy Antos Organizer, Local 34
Sandra Dinneen Associate Director of University Health Sercives
Santo Galatioto Senior Labor Relations Representative
John Gallagher Access & Delivery Services Librarian, Medical Library
Steve Gentile Clinical Administrator, Neurosugery/Orthopaedics
Lisa Gray Labor-Management Relations Representative
Hope Johnson Head Pantry Worker, Local 35
Duane Mellor Job Search Team and Secretary-Treasurer, Local 34
Marie Pascale Manager, Silliman Dining Hall
Edward Thomas Lipsett Zone Supervisor, Physical Plant, Facilities
Susan Riggs Assistant Administrator, Surgery


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