Yale Union-Management Partnership

Yale Union-Management Partnership | Human Resources & Administration

What We Do

Best Practices provides tools for people to improve their workplace. When managers and union members are working in partnership to change their working environment, change their relationships, improve skills or improve operations, we help them develop and carry out specific projects to achieve their goals. Here are some current and recent projects.

New Skills for Managers and Union Leaders

Workshops teaching managers the basics of labor relations and intensive training for union leaders in “partnering” skills.

New Models for Conflict Resolution

Joint efforts to pilot an approach to conflict resolution that enables managers and supervisors to recognize the other side’s interests and to resolve conflicts using a problem-solving approach.

Working Within Departments

Unit-based teams, often known as Joint Departmental Committees (JDCs), where staff and supervisors work together toward specific changes they want to make in their workplaces.

Last Updated: September 16, 2011 (kp).