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Committee Members

Current members of the Best Practices Policy Board, Initiative Steering Committee and Communications Team are listed below.

Policy Board

Roles and responsibilities of the Policy Board >>

Bruce Alexander Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development
Shauna King Vice President for Finance and Business Operations
Michael Peel vice President for Human Resources and Administration
Stephanie Spangler Deputy Provost for Health Affairs
Laurie Kennington President, Local 34
Ken Suzuki Secretary-Treasurer, Local 34
Bob Proto President, Local 35

Initiative Steering Committee

Roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee >>

Jeffrey Boyd Local 35
Yolanda Giordano Account Assistant, Pediatrics, Local 34
Maureen Malone-Jones Library Service Asst, SML, VP Local 34
Yolanda Giordano Account Assistant, Department of Pediatrics, and Recording Secretary, Local 34
Tony Lopes Autopsy Technician, Pathology,VP Local 34
Adam Marchand Organizer, Local 34
Maureen Polizzi LPN Employee Health, Yale Health, Local 34
Amelia Prostano Acquisition Asst, Beineke, Local 34
Donna Cable Assoc VP, Human Resources
Marianne Dess-Santoro COO, Yale Medical Group
Paul Genecin Director, Yale Health
Diane Turner Assoc University Librarian for Human Resources

Communications Team

Evan Cobb Communications Director, Locals 35 and 34
Maureen Malone Jones Library Service Assistant, Sterling Memorial Library, Executive Board Member, Local 34, Sponsor
Paula Wilson Associate Director, Yale School of Medicine Stem Cell
Hellen Hom-Diamond Director of Communications - Human Resources and Administration
Janet Lindner Associate Vice President for Administration, Sponsor

Best Practices wishes to thank Kate Reynolds for her many and long-standing contributions to this team and to communication efforts by this partnership. We wish Kate all the best in her new role supporting YaleNext.

Last Updated: February 29, 2012 (map).