Rudolph Hall (Art & Architecture Building), 1963
Paul Rudolph (1918-1997, Dept. of Architecture chairman 1958-65)
Restoration by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects
Charles Gwathmey (b. 1938, M.ARCH 1962)

Paul Rudolph's Art & Architecture Building is called Brutalist with good reason, especially by those students and teachers who brush against its rough, corduroy-like walls. But it is also an intensely lyrical building that fittingly completes the march of art buildings on Chapel Street. Its vast, open spaces scattered among 37 levels on nine floors were intended to encourage interaction among students of art and architecture who might otherwise remain cloistered from one other. With the completion in 2000 of Holcombe T. Green Hall to house the School of Art, Rudolph Hall is the exclusive home of the School of Architecture. Rudolph Hall has had a difficult past: It suffered an unexplained fire 1969, and was not treated well for much of its subsequent history until the just-completed renovation by Charles Gwathmey that has restored the building to glory.