Loria Center for the History of Art, 2008
Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects
Charles Gwathmey (b. 1938, M.ARCH 1962)

There are few tasks in the world of architecture as daunting as the one Charles Gwathmey faced in designing the Loria Center for the History of Art: To build a neighbor for Paul Rudolph's Art & Architecture Building, and make it one that is both an appropriate addition and a distinctive design in its own right. The 87,000-square-foot building is a little of each — the use of zinc and limestone to clad its main volume establishes an identity for the History of Art building, while acknowledging the palette of materials used not only in Rudolph Hall but also those of James Gamble Rogers' residential colleges just down York Street and Louis Kahn's two museums on Chapel Street. Gwathmey's design is at its best, however, on the inside, where long hallways terminate in spontaneous views of the campus that unite the Loria Center not only with Rudolph Hall but also with much of Yale and New Haven.