Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, 1932, 2003
Delano & Aldrich
William Adams Delano (1874 – 1960, B.A. 1899, M.A., Honorary, 1939)
Restoration and renovation by Kliment & Halsband
Robert Kliment (b. 1933, B.A. 1954, M.ARCH, 1959)

The Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, sitting at the extreme northern end of Yale's campus and commanding a high site on Prospect Street, is Delano and Aldrich's interpretation of Jefferson's University of Virginia Campus, employing a red-brick Georgian style for buildings around a large lawn. At the head of the lawn and the site's highest point, where Jefferson had located a library, sits the Marquand Chapel. Threatened with demolition in the 1990s, the quadrangle was renovated in 2003.