Welcome to the YUAL Home Page

Mission Statement

YUAL is comprised of nine separate teaching laboratories and other associated spaces:

  1. Archaeohistology Lab (51 Hillhouse Ave, Room 4)
  2. Archaeomagnetism Dry Teaching and Equipment Room (51 Hillhouse Ave, Rooms 5 and 5A)
  3. Archaeometallurgy Lab (51 Hillhouse Ave, Room 4A)
  4. Ceramic Petrography Lab (51 Hillhouse Ave, Room 4)
  5. Archaeological Methods (Field School) Clean Lab (10 Sachem Street, Room 24)
  6. Archaeological Methods (Field School) Dirty Lab (10 Sachem Street, Room 23)
  7. Fume Hood Lab (10 Sachem Street, Room 22)
  8. Kiln and Liquid Scintillation Counter Lab (10 Sachem Street, Room 3)
  9. Spatial and Visual Technologies Lab (51 Hillhouse Ave, Room 1)

The primary mission of the YUAL is to facilitate and support research and education, in addition to managing the collections, equipment, and facilities related to archaeological research and teaching at Yale University.