General Policies

The following policies are instituted in accordance with the YUAL mission.

Lab Supervision and Faculty Advisors

The YUAL are managed by the Laboratory Assistant, under the supervision of the archaeology faculty of the Department of Anthropology and the Council on Archaeological Studies at Yale University.

Research and Teaching Collections Access

The main collections are the current and recent field school artifacts, which are temporarily housed and maintained by the YUAL for the purpose of research and teaching. Additional comparative collections are available from various areas around the world.

Equipment and Supplies

YUAL equipment and supplies are available for use by Yale faculty, staff and students mainly for use in courses and course-related research projects. A list of equipment is available in the following Equipment List section. Procedures for use of equipment are outlined in the Equipment Use Policy. All equipment must be signed out using the YUAL Equipment Loan Form and for off-campus use, an additional Departmental Equipment Loan Form (not available online). Please allow at least 2 days of processing for the departmental form. Please note, there may be individual laboratory policies regarding some of the equipment.

Equipment and supplies may be available for use by Yale faculty, staff, and students for other research projects on a case-by-base basis. Please discuss with YUAL Laboratory Assistant. Any problems with equipment or supplies should immediately be reported to the Laboratory Assistant.

Laboratory Usage

The YUAL maintains laboratory space, facilities, and equipment assigned to it by the Yale University Department of Anthropology and Council on Archaeological Studies. Decisions concerning that space and those facilities and equipment are at the discretion of the Anthropology Department Chairperson and the archaeology faculty, through discussion with the YUAL Laboratory Assistant.

All individuals must undergo necessary training for use of the laboratories prior to use, which may include Yale University Chemical Safety Training, Yale University Hazardous Chemical Waste Management, and Yale University Radiation Safety Training. In addition, all individual laboratory-specific policies must be followed.